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Eyebrow Transplant

When it comes obtaining to a youthful appearance, you may not have given much consideration to your eyebrows, yet they can actually be a really telling indicator of your true age. Although our eyebrows naturally thin out as we get older, this can also happen because of other factors like scarring or even illness. So even if the rest of your face is free from wrinkles and still has a fresh, youthful look, thinning eyebrows can prematurely age you. This is true for both men and women.

There is good news, though. Eyebrow replacement surgery can help you avoid this, giving you brows that can be as dramatic or as understated as you want. Natural looking healthy full eyebrows that give you a younger looking appearance. The process of eyebrow restoration is a straightforward one, and it is often hard for other people to work out what has altered about your appearance, as the results are so subtle, but they will notice that you appear healthier, younger and more radiant.

Although healing and recovery time is extremely fast, it is essential to pick a surgeon who is experienced in eyebrow transplant surgery to ensure that you achieve the best results. At The Wimpole Clinic, we have considerable experience of full and partial eyebrow transplant surgery, using the latest technologies in order to produce the most natural looking results.

When To Have an Eyebrow Restoration?

The decision to undertake an eyebrow hair transplant can be a very personal decision, it doesn’t mean you will end up with huge bushy eyebrows, you can choose the result you are looking for. What it does mean is that you will have eyebrows that are well shaped and even, thick, glossy and can give your face a more youthful appearance.

Unfortunately, not everyone has naturally thick eyebrows, and a transplant can be a good way to increase what you already have. In the case of people with lighter eyebrow hair, this is often the case. Excluding age and hereditary eyebrow pattern, there are a number of common reasons that an eyebrow transplant is embarked upon, including:

  • Trichotillomania, a self-harming behavioural trait that includes tugging or pulling at the hairs in the brow
  • Systemic disease
  • Over-plucking
  • Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy treatment
  • Scarring of skin trauma, caused by such things as piercings, burns or tattoos

Eyebrow Transplant Procedure




What Happens During An Eyebrow Transplant?

Requiring no prolonged hospital stay and only a local anesthetic, an eyebrow transplant is a relatively simple process. The surgeon will work with extreme accuracy and precision in order to achieve great results.

On average between 250 and 400 individual hairs are required per eyebrow in order to obtain a natural, healthy looking brow. Depending on the size and appearance of the current eyebrow as well as the look you are hoping to achieve, this actual number could vary. Each hair needs to be transplanted following the natural growth direction of the other hairs of the eyebrow, making sure that they lie flat against the skin. To achieve an even and full look to the eyebrow, the hairs also need to be placed very tightly together.

To make sure that there is no scarring to both the head and the recipients eyebrow tiny needles are used to remove the donor hair follicles. Typically, donor hair follicles are removed from the area behind the ears. Small needles, just a few millimeters in diameter are then used to implant the hairs one at a time; this is meticulous process.

A local anesthetic is administered before the procedure so that the patient is able to relax and in order to avoid discomfort. There is no need, however, to remain in the clinic following the transplant – the patient can return home to recover.


Every Wimpole Clinic patient is provided with an aftercare pack that contains information on how to look after your transplanted hair. In addition to this, your aftercare pack will also contain specialist products such as shampoos that will aid in the healing and recovery process.

We also include:

  • 3 day post procedure visit for a hair wash
  • 24 hour surgical hot line for aftercare
  • Advice on types of shampoo
  • Hair blood test
FUE Hair Transplant

After The Eyebrow Hair Transplant

A partial graft requires between 100-200 hairs to achieve a well-shaped, smooth eyebrow, and 200-400 grafts are needed in order to achieve a full eyebrow.

Some patients will experience a small amount of bruising and swelling for a short period of time. However, the recovery period for the transplant is relatively fast and pain-free.

It can take time for the full effects of an eyebrow graft – either partial or full – to be visible, but these results will be permanent. You will see an improvement in both the shape and thickness of the eyebrow. However, some these hairs will drop out within a couple of weeks. There is no need to panic when this occurs, shedding is a perfectly normal part of the recovery process, and new hairs will continue to grow. It is worth noting that it can take up to a year for the full results of the transplant to be seen.

Implanted hairs will keep on growing, so in order to maintain brow shape, it is important to clip or trim them on a regular basis, approximately every four weeks. If left unchecked the transplanted hairs will continue to grow so it is important to implement a regular maintenance routine.

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    Beard Transplant
    Moustache to Full Beard
    FUT & FUE Procedures
    Fill in Bald Patches
    Increase Beard Density
  • eyebrow-transplant
    Eyebrow Transplant
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    Restore eyebrows
    Increase Eyebrow Density
    Aftercare Included
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    FUE Hair Transplant
    Angled to follow hair pattern
    Most Popular Technique
    No Visible Scaring
    Stimulating Laser Session
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    FUT Hair Transplant
    Aftercare Checkups
    Less expensive procedure
    Fine Linear Scar
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