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Summer hair loss: true or false?

Summer hair loss

Many of us will notice that during the (mostly) warmer summer period, we experience more hair shedding than usual. Summer hair loss or ‘seasonal hair loss,’ is indeed well-known in both and men and women and can be due to a mixture of both internal and external factors. Most people will assume that with the increased heat, summer hair loss would naturally occur as our bodies find a way to keep us cooler when such effective insulation is no longer needed. And according to scientific studies in Scandinavia, this is true.

The first reason is the exposure to sunlight which leads to your body producing less melatonin, which affects the hormone levels in your scalp. It effectively signals hair follicles to carry out their natural shedding phase for longer periods of time than usual. The other major factor is the effect of testosterone, levels of which are usually higher in spring and autumn. Although testosterone is often thought of as a male hormone, it exists in both men and women and is known to trigger summer hair loss. We will all therefore experience a certain amount of shedding which, it’s worth noting, may not fully occur until the early Autumn months so can easily be confused with another type of hair loss such as Alopecia Areata or Tellogen Effluvium.

Beyond summer hair loss: what if your hair loss is more than seasonal?

Summer hair shedding or seasonal hair loss shouldn’t be anything to be concerned about; each persons hair growth and loss will fluctuate throughout the year. However, if you notice that consistent, heavier shedding is occurring in specific areas of the scalp such as the crown or temples, there may be a wider hair loss issue at play. Male pattern balding starts with recurring hair loss over the crown area and temples and the person will find that regrowth does not occur, even though shedding may be slow. With female pattern balding, hair loss tends to be diffuse to begin with, with possible larger bald patches occurring around the temples and the crown. If you feel that your hair loss is something more, seek the help of a professional as there are a number of options for protecting hair growth or restoring lost hair.

3 tips for summer hair loss

  1. Hair masks or warm oil scalp massage. Applying a warm (not hot) oil to the scalp and massaging the hair roots once a week can be a much-needed boost for summer hair loss. With stimulation of the hair follicles, natural regrowth will be encouraged not to mention nourishing the existing hair after periods of heat, styling or salty sea water. We recommend coconut oilsince it’s completely clean, natural and pleasant smelling.
  2. Wear protection against summer hair loss. We don’t all have to wear hats all the time during summer (especially not the British summer) however there are now a huge range of protective hair products available to combat brittleness, dryness and damage caused by sun, sea and open air tourist sites. Brazilian women, for whom beach life is daily life, are fans of using protective hair oil for every moment of exposure, ensuring that their hair stays nourished and smooth and completely summer hair loss free.
  3. Diet and hydration. At The Wimpole Clinic we often warn our clients about the perils of a lacking diet on hair growth. Summer hair loss can be just as much influenced by a lack of adequate hydration (harder to keep up with in summer) and less attention paid to eating balanced meals each day, full of nutrients we need to keep us going in outdoor weather. Many people feel that with the hotter weather, eating round meals is less palatable however nibbling rather than nourishing can have serious effects on hair loss, especially if the hair is already dry due to the hot weather. Take care to keep up a balanced diet with plenty of fresh water intake between the BBQs, cocktails and holiday snacks.

The Wimpole Clinic, established in 1975, provides a range of hair loss and hair restoration options for those suffering from ongoing hair loss issues. We specialise in natural-looking hair transplant procedures and can also provide expert advice on non-invasive hair loss solutions such as lotions and medication. We offer all our new clients a completely free, no obligation hair loss consultation with our leading hair specialist. Get in touch with us now

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