Grace – Traction Alopecia

Feedback after surgery

I am a registered nurse who has suffered with hair loss (Traction Alopecia) in my hairline and top scalp. This had been caused by using tight hair styling, extensions and chemicals over many years.

I discovered the Wimpole Clinic through the internet as I was very depressed over my hair loss and needed to find something that would boost my confidence. I came along to see Mr Michael May – FRCS. The reason that I chose the Wimpole Clinic is that Mr May is a qualified surgeon and pre-eminent in his field of expertise.

On attending the clinic for consultation the team were welcoming, informative and knowledgeable. I felt confident that I had made the right choice of surgeon and clinic. I was confident that the advice given to me was professional and accurate.

I had my hair transplant in August 2012 and I am already seeing the results.

This is definitely the best decision that I have ever made and I feel very happy and free at being able to expose my hair once again. I am delighted and thank everyone at the Wimpole Clinic for their professionalism, support and goodwill.

I have already recommended a friend and brought another along to the clinic to have her hair transplant. To any of you who are ‘thinking’ about having it done, my advice is to just take the plunge; it will change your life.

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FUE Hair Transplant

The FUE hair transplant method is the most popular procedure that is completed within 1 day.

Beard Transplant

Nearly half of all men struggle to grow a full beard and sideburns without patchy spots or areas of uneven growth.

Eyebrow Transplant

Full and partial eyebrow transplants can be undertaken within one day with immediate visible results.


Hair loss and scalp issues due to medical conditions can be diagnosed and treated by our Trichologist.

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