Get a head start, choosing your hair transplant surgeon.

The hair loss world has been infiltrated by many flashy intermediary services which are throwing money at high marketing campaigns. This makes it more difficult for clinicians to directly reach their patients. Hair Transplanting is a surgical speciality that requires years of expertise to be performed well. There are only a small number of qualified surgeons with competent surgical staff performing hair restoration surgery in the UK or even worldwide.

So how do you avoid the middleman or sales pitch?

To fully prepare for your hair restoration surgery research is the answer:

  1. Look for listed hair transplant surgeons / doctors on the ISHRS website. Arrange to Visit the clinic that they own.
  2. Meet the surgeon on the day of consultation directly
  3. Only attend clinic premises where the surgery is carried out. The surgery should be carried out on the premises where you have your consultation.

Always remember if the consultant is not a medical professional then they cannot provide you with specific medical or surgical recommendations.

If your hair transplant surgeon is note entirely dedicated to the specialist field of surgical hair restoration be careful.

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FUE Hair Transplant

The FUE hair transplant method is the most popular procedure that is completed within 1 day.

Beard Transplant

Nearly half of all men struggle to grow a full beard and sideburns without patchy spots or areas of uneven growth.

Eyebrow Transplant

Full and partial eyebrow transplants can be undertaken within one day with immediate visible results.


Hair loss and scalp issues due to medical conditions can be diagnosed and treated by our Trichologist.

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